Porto Selvaggio Natural Park


Don’t miss to visit this park if you come to Salento.

Extended in an area of ​​over 500 hectares in the territory of Nardò, the Regional Nature Park of Porto Selvaggio, was established in a sea area affected by various reforestation interventions started in the 1950s.
The landscape is characterized by the presence of a dense pine forest inserted in the beautiful setting of the Ionian Sea.

You leave your car on the road in the various access points and through a long but pleasant walk in the pine forest you get to the stunning sea.

Alternatively, there is also a small train-bus for a few euros brings you directly to the coast.

The trails are well marked and the park is well-groomed but, especially in August, avoid the busiest bays and choose some places more uncomfortable but quieter: you can make beautiful solitary dunes from the cliff and admire a fish-backwater.

I would also like to wait until the sun begins to set, by creating a magic atmosphere.