1 hour and 30 minutes from Trullo della Pace

The Sassi represent the most famous and ancient part of Matera.

Developed around the “Civita”, they constitute an entire city carved into the calcarenitic rock, locally called “tufo“, an articulated housing system, perched along the slopes of a deep valley with unique and surprising natural features: the “Gravina”.
In the past they were the heart of rural civilization, while today, restructured and rehabilitated, the Sassi relive and leave breathless especially in the evening when the lights make them like a paper mache crib.

The Sassi are made up of two large Rioni:
Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso, divided in the middle by the hill of Civita, the oldest settlement of the Materian town, the heart of medieval urbanization.
The Sasso Caveoso District is characterized today by an ancient aspect especially in the final area that flows into Via Casalnuovo.
It is a part that develops mainly with houses almost competently dug into the rock and mostly remained intact compared to the past.

The great Piazza of the same name, with the church of San Pietro Caveoso, allows you to admire the panorama of the Gravina and the row of houses and caves, perched on each other and crossed by the main street B. Buozzi.

Numerous events enliven the Piazza during the summer season with events and bars with outdoor tables.
Along Via Madonna delle Virtù and along the Gravina di Matera you reach the Sasso Barisano district which is currently almost completely renovated and is home to numerous restaurants and hotels as well as various tourist attractions such as the reconstruction of the miniature Sassi and the Museum of rural civilization.

To better discover and understand Matter it is advisable to take advantage of a guided tour.
Info for guided tours: http://www.materatourguide.it/public/

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