Costa Merlata

Beautiful stretch of rocks coast interspersed with various sandy coves and, if the Tramontana does not blow, the sea is truly wonderful!

Costa Merlata


It includes a beautiful stretch of rock cliffs intertwined by various sandy coves and, if the sea is calm, the water is amazing!

The main beach is sandy and particularly suitable for children because the water remains shallow for several meters, it is free and is guarded by the attendants for the bathers. Continuing southward along the sea, there are really characteristic rocky coves on the sea, from which you can dive from a height of a few meters or get off to swim by the ladder.

Like the other Salento beaches, especially in August it could be crowded, but if you have the patience to walk a bit away you will definitely find a place where you can stand without confusion.

Some bays can be reached by car (see how to get to Google Maps).

Torre Pozzelle


At the end of Costa Merlata, continuing southwards, Torre Pozzelle is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled areas of the entire Ostuni coast.
The area is characterized by 5 small sandy coves, and an ancient Aragonese tower to watch over a clear sea.
A convenient car park is just a few meters from the first of the 5 beaches, from where you can move and choose the cove that best suits your preferences.

  • 30 minutes from Trullo della Pace

  • Adriatic sea; to avoid with Tramontana wind