Long sandy beach on Dune Costiere natural reserve


This beach is located in the Ostuni Dune reserve, in the same area as Cala di Rosamarina, and it is a temporary installation that is removed every autumn to not alter the natural landscape.

The entrance costs 5 € but everyone is free to choose whether to take sunbeds or umbrellas or also bring their own as it is a free beach offering rental service. In addition, the car park is adjacent to the service area and no shuttle service is needed.

The bar is well stocked and offers, among other things, sandwiches and salads at good prices.
Even the bathrooms are clean and with showers (a toke is required for hot water).
Also you can move behind the dunes to enjoy the sun without the hassle of the sand.

Like most of the area’s beaches, in August it can be crowded.

  • 30 minutes from Trullo della Pace

  • Adriatic sea: Amazing sea when Scirocco blows, while not suggest with Tramontana