A few KM from Torre Guaceto with Sandy and Rock beaches


Specchiolla is located a few KM from Torre Guaceto with both sandy and rocky beaches.

Arriving at Specchiolla from the Trullo della Pace you will find a large sign (see photo underneath):
turning right you will have the cliff with also a couple of facilities equipped, we recommend the first “Blue Lagoon”,
instead turning left there is the small center of Specchiolla with some nice restaurants and a small port and several sandy beaches.
After Lido Silvana you will also find a nice stretch of free sandy beach.
Beware that turning left there is a one way and you will have to pass the various shores to go back to the main road.

We recommend Lido Specchiolla, like all the beaches of the Adriatic Sea, when the Tramontana does not blow.
It is possible to find algae as soon as you enter the water, but usually after a few meters the water is clear (see photo).

  • 20 minutes from Trullo della Pace

  • Adriatic sea: perfect with Scirocco or no wind, to avoid when Tramontana blows