Long sandy beach located at the south of Torre Guaceto natural reserve with natural cliffs behind


Free beach located at the South of the Torre Guaceto nature reserve in “zone C”.
You can leave the car at the Boa Gialla park upon payment of a daily ticket and in a 100 meters walk you arrive at the sea.
We suggest to move to the left where you will have almost 1 km of sandy beach to stay having beautiful natural red cliffs behind.
Here the sand is of a light red color with the gently sloping sea and clear and transparent water.

Continuing to the left, after the beach you will find the Torre Guaceto Sailing Center, easily reachable by foot: here the sand becomes white and the water is even more wonderful.
We can say that Apani is one of our favorite beaches!

If you prefer the equipped beach, just before the intersection for Apani you will find “Guna Beach”: a beautiful beach with payment services (note that costs are not so cheap and you can find several reviews on Tripadvisor).

As for most of the Adriatic sea beaches, here the sea is wonderful especially with a calm wind or when the Scirocco blows, while it can become rough and not clear with Tramontana and Mistral.
(in fact with those winds the Ionian Sea is preferable).

  • 30 minutes from Trullo della Pace

  • Adriatic sea: amazing with Scirocco or no wind, to avoid when Tramontana blows